Ryon - CAP 110 Private Server
Server Time 02:24:00

Just all SUNDAY at 21:00H Server
Ryon Server: Online
Players: 160 / 1000

Hotan: Vendetta

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Ryon Online terms :

1: We have all rights to ban you if you break rules whatever you are !
2: Spamming & insult others not allowed
3: if you found a bug report it and we will give you a reward , so dont use bugs !
4: selling items & gold in server for real money not allowed
5: show respect for Game team , Your behavior reflects what you are !
6: We are a private server Online stable

Registertion terms :

1: You will need you e-mail , nickname to make a password reset !
2: dont make a fake account , may you will found your self in ban ip list !
3: Save your reigstertion informations and dont share it !

User ID 3-20 Long (Characters A-Z,a-z 0-9)
Password 3-20 Long (Characters A-Z,a-z 0-9)
Confirm Password
Email Should be Vaild
Nickname 3-20 Long (Characters A-Z,a-z 0-9)
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