Ryon - CAP 110 Private Server
Server Time 02:00:13

Just all SUNDAY at 21:00H Server
Ryon Server: Online
Players: 152 / 1000

Hotan: Vendetta

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12/02/2020 Ryon Online. New website by Ryon Team

12/02/2020 Ryon Online. Enjoy Playing in Our Servers by Ryon Team
We didnt ask Any one For donate!
Oficial Update V2.00 Now Done , Enjoy New Features .. For Any Guide or Questions Pm Us On

Discord : https://discord.gg/GUC9hq

12/02/2020 New Updates by Ryon Team
Updates :
-- ADD Magic Stones 10D in NPC ( Valkyria ).

-- Now can buy 1000 Pills.

-- kill Uniques normal and win 2 silk for each.

-- kill uniques titan and win 1 to 2 Unique Coins.

-- FTW sunday 20:30H SERVER / 15:30H GMT -4:00.

-- CTF and Arena fixed, join and can get mystic coin.

-- Fixed NPCs Samarkand.

-- JOB ZONE, uniques spawn at 00:00H and 12:00H SERVER.

-- Chineses balanced, now have 390 mastery.

-- ADD FTW, Hotan is open, Jangan FTW is closed

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